WalkWise for Alzheimer’s Care

Get a glimpse of your loved one’s day.

 Attach WalkWise to their walker, and get 24/7 motion data.
Understand daily habits and receive safety and health alerts.


Founder and CEO Peter Chamberlain with his grandma Ann.


Grandma Ann had Alzheimer’s disease.

Our family didn’t have any idea what she did day to day.

Peter founded WalkWise in 2016 after experiencing the pain of memory loss with his Grandma Ann. His aunts would call the senior living community where Ann lived, but the staff could never paint a comprehensive picture of her day.

Had she made it to breakfast? Had she napped all afternoon? Had she been getting up at night? Has she fallen and wasn’t able to get up?

These are answers we wanted to help manage her care and understand her new life.

WalkWise can help.

Though we can’t help alleviate the pain of dealing with Alzheimer’s, we can help families engage with their loved ones like never before. Once it’s on their walker, they don’t need to do a single thing. You can check the app to see their minute-to-minute activity, observe long-term trends, and configure safety alerts (such as if the walker tips over or doesn’t move for a long period of time). If a fall were to happen, you will instantly be notified so someone can quickly help your loved one.

Built by our family for your family.