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What does WalkWise do?

WalkWise is a smart walker attachment that goes directly onto the walker wheel. By attaching our device you’ll be able to track activity, safety, and screen for UTIs. All this works without the walker user needing to do anything on their end. (Except use their walker, of course!)

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Quick Setup

WalkWise is the most simple senior technology on the market. Simply attach it to the walker, plug in the node, and configure the alerts you want.


Call to Order: (866) 624-0046


Meet Peter Chamberlain, founder and CEO of WalkWise. Hear his story of what inspired him for this product and learn about the life-changing capabilities of our technology.

Hear about one family's experience with aging and how WalkWise has provided safety and peace of mind. #walkwisefamily

Now that I have WalkWise, walking is fun. I play a little game with myself to see how close I can get to my goal each day.

- WalkWise User

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Call to Order: (866) 624-0046