Safety, Healthy, and Peace of Mind for Seniors

Fall Prevention

WalkWise is the only technology design to prevent falls, because it encourages 24/7 walker use and increases leg strength through activity. Get an alert if your loved one isn’t using their walker, and they get a text when they reach their daily walking goal!

The only tech that prevents falls.

24/7 Walker Use + Increased Leg Strength



prevent falls.

WalkWise makes walkers fun, engaging, and smart.

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Positive Reinforcement

We’ll send them a text message when they reach their daily walking goal! And you should too…


Ensure 24/7 use

Get an alert if they aren’t using their walker throughout the day. Encourage them to go for a walk (with their walker, of course!)


Prevent Falls.
Get WalkWise.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury for older adults. WalkWise is helping to change that.

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