Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a smartphone to use WalkWise?

No! The Node plugs into a wall socket, connects to a WiFi network, and handles data transfer for WalkWise. You can then view data and adjust alert settings on the web app. Of course, you can also use the mobile app if you prefer. Only during Node setup do you need a Bluetooth enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This process is very similar to configuring an Amazon Echo or Google Home device.

Do I need to charge WalkWise?

No! The WalkWise walker attachment operates on two AAA batteries, which will last for many months. Change them every six months or so, or when you get a low-battery alert on the app or through email.

Will WalkWise work with my walker?

Most likely, yes. However, there are a few styles of walkers that are not compatible, including walkers without wheels and Parkinson's-specific U-walkers. Please feel free to contact us with questions about compatibility, and remember that we have a money-back guarantee.

Check out our walker guide here!

How does WalkWise attach to my walker?

WalkWise attaches to the outside of your walker wheel. It's so thin, you won't notice it's there! A number of installation methods exist depending on the type of walker that you have. Visit our support page to see all the different methods. You won't need any tools, other than perhaps scissors.

How is WalkWise different than a smart watch?

It is very similar, except that it does so much more to help people stay independent and safe. You need to charge a smart watch, remember to wear it 24/7, and have smartphone around, but WalkWise eliminates these requirements. Plus, a smart watch will not register steps with a walker because your wrist doesn't move!

I already have a pendant I can push if I need help. Do I need WalkWise?

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are great, and everyone who is at risk of falling should wear one. However, they do nothing to prevent falls from happening in the first place, and do not help if you forget to wear your pendant or become unconscious for any reason. WalkWise is NOT an emergency response system, but it can alert families and caregivers if something out-of-the-ordinary happens. WalkWise also prevents falls by encouraging 24/7 walker use through positive incentives and feedback.

I live with a family member or roommate. Do I need WalkWise?

Yes, for a number of reasons. WalkWise helps motivate people to be more active, no matter their living situation. It also helps alert people to potential health concerns that will be missed if you don't share a bed. And WalkWise can ensure peace of mind if you must be at home by yourself for a number of hours.

How do I know if the device is on?

If it has batteries in it, then it's on! WalkWise was purposely designed without lights or buttons to make it as discrete as possible. The Node will blink yellow once or twice every time it connects to WalkWise, and you can tell through the app or web app that data is being collected.

How does WalkWise handle data privacy?

Although WalkWise does not collect information considered "health data" by the FDA, we take your privacy very seriously. Each device has a password which can be shared with individuals and organizations you trust. These people can then view your data and set alerts for themselves based on your data. If you accidentally lose the device password or share it with someone by mistake, please contact us and allow us to reset the password and remove permissions from other users. For more information, view our terms of use and privacy policy.

What does WalkWise measure?

When WalkWise is rotated on your walker wheel, it records data about the time and distance walked. WalkWise also periodically sends messages indicating when the walker has NOT moved, as well as when it is tipped over. These sorts of data are analyzed to track hourly and daily walking distance, walking duration, walking speed, nighttime motion, and approximate time spent in bed. As this data is analyzed in real-time, and alerts will be send out based on your personalized alert settings in the app.

How do I get alerts?

Most alerts are sent via email by default, which will be the email you used to register for a WalkWise account. However, a number of alerts are available via text message, push notification, and automated phone call. For security reasons, you must contact our support team to set up a land-line phone number. It is possible to get alerts sent by all methods at once. An unlimited number of accounts can have access to the same WalkWise device, allowing people to set up their own alerts as they see fit.