The Perfect Gift for Mom

What’s better than the gift of independence, safety, and quality of life?

(Okay, other than time with the grandchildren…)

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FItness tracking

Make using the walker fun! By setting goals and seeing progress over time, your family will have a lot to talk about. Seniors love viewing their WalkWise data, and taking pride in their mobility.

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peace of mind

Get safety alerts from anywhere if she needs help at home. WalkWise detects falls, screens for urinary tract infections and depression, and much more. How long might she be on the floor before someone would find her?

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Help her stay at home (and out of the nursing home)! Using the walker more prevents falls (the leading cause of fatal injury for seniors), and using WalkWise can help encourage walker use and fitness from anywhere.

WalkWise is the smart walker attachment.

No charging, no wearable, and no smartphone required. Get it for a loved one this Holiday Season.

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