Pricing for Pilots and Licences

Want to see it in action? Try a pilot program.
Want to get WalkWise to all residents and families? Look at a community license.

WalkWise Pilot Program


$300 monthly total

Users: 20

WalkWise Community License


$200 monthly total

Total Bed Count:

*we know not everyone uses a walker or assistive device, but that is built into our pricing. If less than 50% of your resident use a walker, please contact us!

Pilots and Community Licenses:

No upfront costs

We provide all the hardware for free

Free installation

Anywhere in the lower 48 states

Unlimited access

Reports, alerts, and family app downloads

Community Licenses Only:

Use of WalkWise brand

Tell families that you're a WalkWise Community!

Free hardware replacement

Don't worry about losing anything. We've got it covered.