WalkWise Smart Walker Attachment




Though we can’t help alleviate the pain of dealing with aging or dementia, we can help families engage with their loved ones like never before. Once it’s on their walker, they don’t need to do a single thing. You can check the app to see their minute-to-minute activity, observe long-term trends, and configure safety alerts (such as if the walker tips over or doesn’t move for a long period of time).

Included with purchase:

  • Smart Walker Attachment

  • WalkWise Node

  • Attachment Accessories

  • 2 AAA Batteries

  • Unlimited Customer Support

  • Unlimited access to WalkWise App

  • 12 months of safety alerts and health reports

After one year, safety alerts and notifications cost $15/month. You will NOT be automatically charged.

**Free Shipping – Moneyback Guarantee**


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