Safety, Healthy, and Peace of Mind for Seniors

Increase Walker Use.
Reduce Falls.
Improve Retention.


WalkWise improves your community by reducing falls, detecting emergencies, encouraging fitness, and impressing prospective families.

Learn more about the most simple and least expensive senior living technology on the market.

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Pendants aren’t good enough.

You also need a passive monitoring system that can alert your staff when residents may need help. Detect falls, UTIs, and more. Send alerts to tablets, computers, or even land lines.


Gamify Walker Use

Walkers prevent falls, encourage wellness, and improve resident retention. Make walkers fun! You can even print out a monthly walker use summary for residents.

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Impress Families

We help you stand out to families by providing them access to their loved one’s fitness data. It’s a way to connect and stay engaged no matter where they live.

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What does WalkWise do?

Fall Prevention

Using a walker is the best way to prevent a fall, but all too often they do not get used 24/7. WalkWise encourages walker use with daily walking goals and alerts if they do not use the walker.

Fall Detection

What would you think happened if the walker had tipped over or hadn't moved for 5 hours during the day? More often than not, a fall has occurred. Don't let your residents remain on the floor.

Fitness Tracking

Increasing fitness is one of the best ways to maintain your independence. By walking more, you can increase leg strength and prevent falls from occurring. Plus, better fitness helps manage chronic conditions.

Infection Screening

Urinary tract infections are the #2 cause of infection-based hospitalization among seniors. They can be diagnosed through excessive bathroom use, and WalkWise will track how many times the walker moved at night.

Behavior Analysis

Changes in activity levels throughout the day and night can be the result of depression, illness, or changes in mental status. Unless you have 24/7 care, changes may not be easily or quickly noticed.

Peace of Mind

With access to our mobile app, families can stay connected to their loved ones and help encourage healthy and safe behaviors. Let WalkWise be a selling point for your community.


WalkWise is the most simple senior technology on the market. Simply attach it to the walker, plug in the node anywhere in the apartment, and configure the alerts you want. Use the web app (below) or mobile app to configure the automated alerts and view data.

WalkWise Web App, for Senior Living Communities

WalkWise Mobile Apps - Families and Staff

Send alerts anywhere

Email, Text Message, Landlines, & Mobile Devices.
WalkWise works with the technology you already use.

No need to analyze data

Staff can’t be sitting in front of computers looking at data.
Once you set up the relevant alerts, you don’t need to touch the system.

Batteries last up to 12 months

Devices that need to be charged tend to get left behind.
We make it simple and easy to keep WalkWise up and running.

Attaches to existing walkers

Mandating the use of a new technology can be difficult.
WalkWise goes on the walker they already use, so the benefits are seen immediately.

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