Safety, Healthy, and Peace of Mind for Seniors

The perfect pair:

UPWalker + WalkWise

WalkWise is the smart attachment for your UPWalker!

We help families and caregivers with fitness, safety, and peace of mind.


Walker Fitness Tracking

WalkWise is the only way to keep track of how much activity you’re getting with your UPWalker. Share data with friends and family, and keep moving!


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Always with you.

No need to remember to wear anything, charge anything, or remember anything. WalkWise is always on your UPWalker, communicating with our system and making sure you are safe and healthy.


What does WalkWise do?

Fall Prevention

Using a walker is the best way to prevent a fall, but all too often they do not get used 24/7. WalkWise encourages walker use with daily walking goals and alerts if the walker is not used.

Fall Detection

What would you think happened if the walker hadn't moved for 5 hours during the day? What if it didn’t move in the morning? More often than not, a fall has occurred. Make sure the right people are alerted!

Fitness Tracking

Increasing fitness is one of the best ways to maintain your independence. By walking more, you can increase leg strength and prevent falls from occurring. Plus, better fitness helps manage chronic conditions.

Infection Screening

Urinary tract infections are the #2 cause of infection-based hospitalization among seniors. They can be diagnosed through excessive bathroom use, and WalkWise will track how many times the walker moved at night.

Behavior Analysis

Changes in activity levels throughout the day and night can be the result of depression, illness, or changes in mental status. Unless you have 24/7 care, changes may not be easily or quickly noticed.

Peace of Mind

As caregivers and families, we are always worried about those in our care. WalkWise allows you to check in and see what's going on anytime, no matter where you are. Rest assured you will get alerts if something needs your attention.

400 BC

“Walking is mankind’s best medicine.”


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